Audio Record Magic

Audio Record Magic 7.4

Record audio from the input of the sound card or your computer speakers
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Audio Record Magic is a good option for recording voice or audio from any device connected to the input of the sound card. The program gives you the advantage to choose the audio output format; adjust the gain control, and other useful parameters.

The program's interface is very simple. In its main window you will find necessary buttons to start recording: record, pause, and stop, an audio bars frame, and the access to configure other options (settings, device, and view files). By default the audio files are stored with the MP3 format and an audio bit rate of 160 kbps, but you can change this and other settings in the Settings window: the General Settings tab allows you to change the output file format (Mp3, Wma, and Wav), change the recording view mode, and select the output directory. Among other settings, you can adjust the parameters for each audio format, set the low and high level and attack time, enable recording without silence, and set the level and time for the attack and release.

It is important to mention that if you are going to use a microphone as the input device you have to consider other external parameters for the quality of the sound.

All in all, this program offers you the basic functions to record audio from any device connected to your sound card or simply from your computer speakers.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can select the input of the sound card, select the output format, adjust the gain control, and enable recording without silence


  • The free edition is actually a trial version and can be used only for 30 days
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